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Pay Per Click Management

  • The Best Performing Pay Per Click Campaigns

  • Personal Account Management by an ex Google Employee

Effective ongoing pay per click management is vital to ensure you get the best return on investment from your pay per click campaigns.

There are hundreds of different aspects to successful pay per click management. Strategy Digital specialises in integrating all of these together to deliver you unparalleled results.

Strategy Digital Pay Per Click Management Services

Signing up for pay per click management with Strategy Digital means that your pay per click campaign will be personally managed by Strategy Digital Founder Sean Wyld. Sean has a unique insight into pay per click management and a wealth of experience from 3 years working for Google.

Pay Per Click Management Services Included:
- Competitive analysis
- Monitoring & reporting of competitor activity
- Keyword analysis
- Creation of Google AdWords account
- Set-up of AdWords campaigns and adgroups
- Ongoing creation of new campaigns and adgroups
- Generation of target keyword lists
- Ongoing expansion & refinement of target keywords
- Targeted ad creative
- Ongoing testing of new ad creatives
- Weekly/monthly reporting
- Ad hoc reporting
- Bid management

Sounds great, so how much does Strategy Digital's pay per click management service cost? We have clients paying us anywhere between $90 per month and $10,000 per month for pay per click management. Before we give you a quote, we will analyse the industry you operate in, your competitors along with you pay per click objectives before giving you an indication of the types of results you can expect and the costs involved.

Please fill in the form below and we will contact you within 24 hours to discuss further.

Can I just call Strategy Digital? No, we don't have a 1300 number or a call centre to answer your phone calls. #1 reason, we pride ourselves on providing a premium level service at a cost effective price, having a call centre would increase the amount we would have to charge our clients and wouldn't increase the performance of their pay per click campaigns. #2 we don't want to waste your time talking to a minimum wage call centre representative. So please, go ahead and fill out the form, indicate whether you'd prefer a call and email and we promise we'll get back to you within 24 hours, and that's a personal response written by a person not an automated response.

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