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Online Marketing

Online Marketing Overview

The saying "build it and they will come" does not apply when it comes to a website anymore then building a bricks and mortar store in the middle of the desert

Too many businesses outlay large sums of money getting a website created, then sit back for the next few months and then wonder why they aren't rolling in money.

Having an effective online marketing strategy is vital to your business's success online

There is no such thing as a one size fits all online marketing strategy and a online marketing is far more complex then merely signing up for an AdWords account or creating a acebook application.

When developing an online marketing strategy it's important to consider all of the following:

- Who are your competitors & what are they doing online
- Who is your target audience and what are they doing online
- What are all of the online marketing mediums available to you
- How will your online marketing integrate with your offline marketing
- What are your business and marketing objectives
- How will you measure the performance of your online marketing strategy
- Which parts of your strategy will you do in-house and which parts will you outsource

Online Marketing Services

Strategy Digital is able to assist you to create an effective online marketing strategy which will meet all of your business and marketing objectives. We are also able to help you implement your strategy and improve it over time.

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