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Google AdWords Training Courses

To get the best return on investment from your Google AdWords campaigns you need to know what you are doing. While it may sound clichéd, running a successful Google AdWords campaign is both a science and an art form. Subtle changes to keywords, ad creatives and account set up can have a huge effect on factors such as the percentage of people who click on your ads and how much you pay per click.

To help fast track the learning process, we offer a range of Google AdWords courses to help people go from complete beginners to Google AdWords experts. Our training courses will not only teach you the theory behind building and managing Google AdWords campaigns, but will also give you a huge amount of practical advice based on thousands of hours working on Google AdWords campaigns for a range of leading Australian and international companies.

Beginners Google AdWords Course

Our beginners Google AdWords Course is designed for people who have never set up or managed a Google AdWords campaign or who have a Google AdWords account but have never logged in before.

Course Overview
- Setting up a Google AdWords account
- Navigating around the Google AdWords interface
- Google keyword & traffic estimator tools
- Basic campaign structure
- Creating keyword lists
- Creating campaigns and adgroups
- Writing effective ad creatives
- AdWords reporting - Basic management tools

Course Dates: On demand, fill in the form below to register your interest

Experts Google AdWords Course

Our experts Google AdWords Course is designed for people who already have a Google AdWords account, know their way around the Google AdWords interface and know the basics of setting up a campaign. This course will introduce some advanced Google AdWords features and focus on different methods and techniques for improving the performance of your campaign.

Course Overview
- Competitive analysis
- Advanced targeting features
- Advanced Segmentation
- Links AdWords & Google Analytics
- Optimising conversions & key metrics
- Advanced management tools
- Quality score
- Landing pages
- Testing ad creatives and keywords
- Bid management
- Advanced reporting

Course Dates: On demand, fill in the form below to register your interest

The Strategy Digital Training Advantage

Why should you choose Strategy Digital training? All of our Google Analytics Training Courses are personally run by Sean Wyld who spent 3 years working for Google. During this time Sean spent a considerable amount of time training at Google headquarters in Mountain View, California, and has worked on the AdWords accounts of a range of leading Australian companies such as Seek, MyCareer, and Yellow Pages. We have a maximum of 8 people in our courses to allow us to tailor the content to your individual business. We also provide ongoing support to all attendees of our courses to ensure that you are able to usefully implement all of the skills and knowledge you gain from our courses.

Due to an excess of training inquiries, Strategy Digital is not currently taking any new training inquiries.

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