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Google Analytics

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Website Analytics should be the cornerstone of your businesses online strategy.

There are two main functions which Website Analytics performs. Firstly, Analytics gives you an insight into your sites users. This includes information such as: how many visitors does your site have, where do they come from, how long do they stay on your site for, which pages do they look at etc. This information is incredibly useful when it comes to improving your website. Secondly, Analytics helps you measure and optimise the performance of your marketing efforts.

Available Website Analytics Software

There is a wide range of different Website Analytics software available with an even wider range of features and price tags. Strategy Digital recommends Google Analytics to most clients as it provides an impressive selection of features, is easy to install and like most Google products, is completely free.

Google Analytics Installation

Basic installation of Google Analytics is a fairly straightforward process which involves signing up for a Google Analytics account and copying and pasting a small segment of code onto every page of your website. This is something which you can do yourself or Strategy Digital can do for you for, a small fee. In order to utilise Google Analytics advanced features such as funnels and goals, the set up process for these advanced features is a lot more complicated.

Google Analytics Installation Services

Google Analytics Training

Once Google Analytics is installed, viewing basic information and generating reports is fairly straight forward. For advanced reporting features and tips on interpreting Google Analytics data and using it to improve your website and business, it's recommended you attend one of Strategy Digital's Google Analytics workshops.

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